Avery’s Story

Picture1Avery, single mom of three, was living in Georgia when she lost her job and fell on hard times. She had no other option but to move back to Texas to be closer to her family for support. As a mom of teenagers, this was a hard decision because her children would have to leave their home and friends, but Avery felt hopeful because she’d have the chance to be with family that could help.

Once in Texas, Avery knew it was her responsibility to take care of herself and her children so she contacted 2-1-1 and found out about Family Promise. At first Avery was afraid to take her children into a shelter, but when she sat down with staff for an interview, she learned that Family Promise was not the ordinary shelter.

“They explained that it was a program to help me help myself. We would stay at churches and there would be many volunteers to welcome me and my children. There would be goals for me to meet and the staff made sure they were available to help when I needed it.”

Avery and her children stayed with Family Promise for a little over 90 days. During that time, she received assistance with needed repairs for her vehicle, gas, clothing and food, help with securing employment, and financial support for school. Avery has recently acquired her bachelor’s degree and plans to go back for her master’s.

Since her stay, Avery has obtained affordable housing through the Northwest Assistance Ministries. She has been provided with financial assistance with her rental and utility deposits and donated furniture through Family Promise.

“I can’t thank Family Promise enough. I know there are people out there who care and will help you if you work hard.”