Lisa and Adam’s Story


We came to Family Promise after being in and out of families’ homes for two months.  We couldn’t get stable jobs because we didn’t have a stable place to live.  We were about to have to go to separate shelters because we were not married.  It was the two of us and my two daughters.  We looked up shelters for families and found Family Promise.  They said they would take our family so we came, did the interview and moved in two days later.

Our stay was hard at times just going from church to church and meeting different people but we also met a lot of wonderful people who showed our family love.

Our move out was very special for our family.  The day we left Family Promise Adam and I married each other at The Methodist Church in The Woodlands on November 9, 2013 and then moved into our very first place as a family on November 12, 2013.  Since moving out our family has had some good times and bad but together we have made it through.  My 16 year old son who I had not seen in over a year came back home and joined our family.  We have lived in the same place for three years almost.  Adam had the same job for two years but was let go and has been doing side jobs for the last 6 months. Monday July 18th he will start a new full time job.  On May 19th my daughter Michelle had a healthy baby boy who we all adore.

Our future is looking bright.  We are looking forward to this new chapter in life and what it has to bring.  We are thankful for Family Promise and the jump start to our future together.

Lisa and Adam