Invest in Family Promise



Why should your company invest in YOUR community by giving to charity?

  • It gives you the opportunity to connect with the community beyond business.
  • As your business relies on its community to sustain it, in return you can help strengthen your community by giving back.
  • Investing in a charity builds the morale of your employees.
  • Sponsorship investments double as marketing, and the word spreads about the good work YOU and YOUR company are doing.

Why invest in Family Promise of Montgomery County?

  • Family Promise has been serving the local community for over 15 years. We are committed to helping families in our surrounding area become stable and financially independent; which in turn leads to a stronger economy.
  • We are the only shelter in Montgomery County that allow families to stay together as a unit. When facing a crisis, families that stay together do better.
  • We offer opportunities to our families which allow them to gain stability, but we also hold families accountable for their progress. We are good stewards to our donors and can ensure families are on the right path.
  • We apply a holistic approach to each family’s case, and our families are fully capable of maintaining independent living after participating in our programs. With your investment, all the essential needs of our families are met.

When you become a sponsor, your community investment goes towards:

♦Helping families to help themselves!

Families participating in Family Promise programs MUST obtain full-time employment, save their money, and manage their households responsibly.

♦The Home-to-Home program

A short-term housing program to serve the immediate needs of families by providing shelter, meals, clothing, hygiene items, and housing supplies.

The preparation of independent living through weekly required life skills classes and personalized financial management sessions with bankers.

Funding to assist families in transitioning into their new home.

♦Operation KAR-GO (Keeping Autos Reliable – Gas & Oil)

Assist working parents with transportation needs; gas, insurance, maintenance, repairs, and driver’s licenses so they can go to work and take care of their family.

The Donated Vehicle program; gifting reliable vehicles to successful families to help with sustainability.

♦The ROC (Reaching Our Children) program

Ending the cycle of generational homelessness by connecting with the children in Family Promise, and by providing support and guidance towards the needs of child care, education, counseling, community involvement, and activity engagement.

∼Invest in your community and reduce the rate of homeless recidivism∼
∼Help us give back to families their identity, independence, and dignity∼


Become a sponsor and invest in Family Promise of Montgomery County

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