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The Success of Tonya


Meet Tonya, mother of two (27 year-old married daughter and 16 year-old son), who moved from the Dallas-Fort Worth area for a new job in Houston. Tonya and her son Ben moved to Houston in the spring of 2016. Once they arrived, the individual she was to lease an apartment from and had already paid her deposit to, did not show up on their move-in day.  Tonya had no savings, very little cash, and nowhere to live. She lost her new job. Shock and devastation set in as she and Ben were now facing homelessness in an area unknown to them.

“Everything fell through.”

“Getting up every morning and not knowing where we were, that was hard for me. I didn’t want to move back to my previous city and face my failures, so I knew I needed help.”

Through a referral, Tonya found out about Family Promise and decided she would apply. Her family entered the Family Promise Home-to-Home program in April on her 46th birthday. “Finding Family Promise has allowed me to hit the reset button in my life. I was able to re-evaluate lessons and see the mistakes I had made. I’m so appreciative of the programs and staff that were there to help my family. I was able to plan out my goals, focus on what was important: my son, and create a new pathway to our family’s success.”

While in Family Promise, Tonya’s family was helped with clothing, food, job resources, and financial education along with the essential needs of every family. When her vehicle was unexpectedly repossessed, she was given a donated vehicle to drive that would later be gifted to her family upon completion of the program.

“Family Promise has really given me a fresh start on life. I’m so thankful for the many opportunities given to me and my son. My experience has taught me to value things that are most important; smiling, giving, sharing. I was given the security and support I needed to fulfill my obligations and shown that with the right attitude there is a way to start over and be successful.”

This hard-working family has had many accomplishments since completing their stay in Family Promise. Tonya is continuing her education, improving her finances, and plans to open her own staffing franchise in Conroe. Ben continues to play football and receive high grades in his academics.

“Family Promise has shown me how I can be a beacon of hope to myself, my son, and others. I want to continue to be an asset to the community that helped me when my family was in need. Family Promise will always be family to me. I know that if I’m in need of a referral, a place to call, or someone to talk to – they will be there.”

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