Family Promise of Montgomery County is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization that serves homeless families with children by offering them an opportunity to stabilize their family financially and emotionally while being served through a network of local are congregations.  Families are able to stay together as a unit while they receive shelter, meals, transportation and other assistance.

Families are required to work full-time, and children must be enrolled in school and/or child care programs.  Families are expected to take responsibility for their recovery and for taking necessary steps to become independent and self-sufficient.  It is a 90-day program and successful graduates exit the program with housing, transportation, school/day care, and all essential needs of their family met.

Families are required to save all of their disposable income through a Client Savings Account while they are in the program.  When the family exits the program, they then have a savings account with a “nest egg” to help ensure stability after they leave.